Miami Chinese Restaurants

Tropical Chinese, located in Westchester near Tropical Park, is our favorite Chinese Dim Sum restaurant in Miami. Sit Down and relax while the Dim Sum comes around in steaming carts. If you are unfamiliar with Dim Sum, it is small dishes of Chinese food served as snacks. This Miami restaurant has been around for years and usually is packed on Saturdays and Sundays for lunch so try to get there early. Dim Sum is not served for dinner, buy you can still order some exotic dishes.

The Menu: In addition to the traditional Chinese restaurant dishes, you can order exotic dishes such as Sliced Abalone with sea cucumber in a hot clay pot or Braised Sea Cucumber with spicy sauce.

Red Lantern, in Coconut Grove, is our favorite Chinese delivery restaurant in Miami. When Red Lantern says that the delivery will take 30-40 minutes, the food usually arrives under 20 minutes. If you do not live in the Grove, delivery may be limited and may take longer.

The Menu: We recommend the Fried Noodle Dish ($10) with chicken or pork and the General Tso’s Chicken ($11).

New Chinatown, in Sunset/South Miami, is our favorite Chinese dinner and a movie restaurant in Miami. New Chinatown, located on the corner of Sunset Place, is close to shopping and the movies. New Chinatown prepares Szechuan, Mandarin, and Cantonese dishes, so it should not be too difficult to find something you like.

The Menu: From the Cantonese menu, we recommend the Tree Treasures ($20), which is lightly fried scallops, shrimp and calamari mixed with garlic and broccoli. From the Mandarin menu, you will find more typical dishes such as Kung Pao and Orange chicken; however, the Ta-Chien Chicken ($12) is worth a try. It is diced chicken with stir fried mushrooms, baby corn and a special sauce.

China Grill, in South Beach, is our favorite upscale Chinese restaurant in Miami. China Grill, the Sister restaurant to New York’s China Grill, has a spectacular atmosphere created from the Egyptian limestone, wraparound bar, and wood floors. There is even an ice-top sushi bar and bar that wraps around the restaurant.

The Menu: Exquisite items that we recommend include the Stir Fried Lobster Pancakes with red chili and scallions, the Black Fettuccine topped with grilled garlic shrimp, and the Tempura Sashimi.

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Danbury Chinese Restaurants

For those that live in the Danbury area may be asking themselves, what choices do I have when it comes to Danbury Chinese restaurants? There are plenty of options for Chinese food, but for those that are curious as to how Chinese food came to this country, let’s take a look at just how Chinese food arrived in the United States. Americans were first introduced to Chinese food in the 1800’s. A Chinese immigrant named Norman Asing opened the first known Chinese restaurant in North America in 1849. How did the Chinese first come to America? Because of the discovery of gold out in the western part of the United States, Chinese workers were brought to help build the railroads. They brought their culture with them which included Chinese food. Little did they know that the Chinese and their delicious food would take America by storm. Here is a list of the Chinese restaurants that are considered the best in Danbury.

Great Wall: The Great Wall is considered the best restaurant in the whole city for Chinese food. The food and the service were both considered exemplary and it is ranked number one. Anyone who wants to eat Chinese should consider the Great Wall.

Good Taste: Though it is running a very close second place, this Chinese restaurant also has a very high ranking for good food, a clean restaurant, and great service!

Jeffrey’s Chinese Kitchen: Don’t let the name fool you, Jeffrey may not be a Chinese name, but he still serves some of the best food in all of Danbury.

Panda House: No it is not a section of the Danbury Zoo, this little place packs a big bite and ranks high among its fellow Danbury Chinese restaurants.

China King: Attention all royalty! The China King is open for those of you with a royal palette and a craving for Chinese food. This place is known for its great food, so it is definitely open to those that are royal and otherwise.

Chinese food is the best ever, and has been in this country for over one hundred years largely due to the Chinese immigrant population that came to work on the railroads. There are many excellent places to eat, some of them ranked very high among Danbury Chinese restaurants, and are definitely worth the time to go check them out. Hope you enjoyed the review, have a hearty appetite!

The 5 Best Chinese Restaurants in Singapore

If you love Chinese dishes, congratulations! Singapore is a fantastic place for Chinese food with an incredible menu of choices. With more than 80 different styles of cooking, unique and delicious Chinese dishes have contributed a major part to the rich of cuisine here. You will see lots of Cantonese, Hokkien, Teochew, and Hainanese restaurants all over Singapore.

Having Chinese dishes, you will always feel the harmony between the yin and yang qualities of food through combining ingredients. Chinese cuisine also keeps its belief in the symbolic properties of food, such as noodle for longevity, oyster for good fortune and fish for prosperity. This creates the soul of Chinese dishes and it is the reason people fall in love with Chinese cuisine.

Here I recommend the 5 best Chinese restaurants in Singapore for Chinese cuisine’s lovers as well as those want to have a good taste of Singapore food.

Royal China Restaurant at Raffles

Operated by a London-based restaurateur, Royal China is a top international Chinese restaurant located at Raffles, a famous ancient hotel in Singapore. Royal China at Raffles offers affordable Cantonese cuisine, especially famous for its Dim Sum and the restaurant is a good place for dining, family, and business dinner. It is located at 1 Beach Road, #03-09 Raffles Hotel, Singapore 189673.

Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant

Wah Lok is one of the iconic Cantonese restaurants in Singapore where traditional Cantonese cuisine is served in the influence of Hong Kong style. Not only bring the awesome flavours of Hong Kong cuisine, the experienced team of Hong Kong chefs at Wah Lok also creates and introduces new delicacies to Singaporeans and tourists. The restaurant is nestled in Carlton Hotel, 76 Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189558.

Hai Tien Lo Restaurant

Transformed from a rooftop restaurant with spectacular skyline view to an impressive contemporary Oriental dining venue on the third floor of Pan Pacific Hotel, Hai Tien Lo has never changed its quality of dishes and services however. At Hai Tien Lo, an award-winning restaurant, traditional Cantonese dining is served with a contemporary twist. It is located at 7 Raffles Boulevard, #03-00 Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore 039595.

Min Jiang Restaurant at One-North

Being in a stylish and spacious two-storey black and white colonial bungalow, Min Jiang at One-Nort is a Chinese fine dining restaurant set in lush greenery. The restaurant offers authentic Sichuan and Cantonese delicacy cuisine with Beijing Duck as a signature dish. The restaurant is situated at One – North 5 Rochester Park, Singapore.

Cherry Garden Restaurant

Cherry Garden is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Singapore, designed according to Feng Shui with charcoaled teak panels, white walls and slate floors. In a splendid Oriental background, authentic Cantonese dishes are offered with artistic modern flair. Cherry Garden won the award Asia’s Best Restaurants by The Miele Guide in 2011 and 2012. It is located at 5 Raffles Avenue, 5F Mandarin Oriental Singapore.

Restaurants in Montreal – 4 Top Montreal Chinese Restaurants!

If you love Chinese food, then Montreal’s Chinatown is the place to be. When it’s about authentic Chinese food, Montreal serves you the best. Whether you’re seeking fine dining options in Montreal or a quick lunch, you’ll find some of the best Chinese restaurants in the city.

Given below are some of the best Chinese restaurants in Montreal. Taste the Asian-inspired traditional and modern Chinese favorites at the restaurants mentioned below.


Beijing is a well-known restaurant in Chinatown. A local favorite, Beijing is where you can enjoy fresh Szechuan and Cantonese dishes. It’s always buzzing and shares a good reputation among locals and visitors. Be ready to be welcomed affectionately to its warm surroundings where you can taste some of the best dishes. Operates even at late night hours and stands distinct in its friendly service.

La Maison Kam Fung

La Maison Kam Fung is one of the best restaurants in Montreal where you get to taste dim sum. Perhaps, La Maison is the best place to taste dim sum. This restaurant is also popular for the Sunday and Saturday brunch. You get carts of dim sum served by waiters each priced between $4 and $6. Moreover, you can select from mushrooms, tender dumplings, spare ribs, spicy shrimp and more.

La Maison Kam Fung serves you a variety of traditional dishes like shark’s fin, a great variety of market fresh seafood like scallops, fish, shrimp, crab and lobster. They also offer a great variety of duck, chicken, red meat, tofu and vegetable dishes which cater to all tastes. Serving Cantonese and Szechwan dishes, La Maison Kam Fung is well-known as a casual restaurant offering better value for money.

The restaurant offers some of the well-known Chinese dishes like Peking duck, lemon chicken, satay beef, beef with the black bean sauce, sweet and sour pork. Other exotic Chinese cuisines served include stewed beef stomach, pork intestines and phoenix feet for the most eccentric choices.

Jardin de Jade

Jardin de Jade is your best bet on list if you want to try out a variety on list. These include ribs, fish, sushi, vegetarian dishes, pizza and desserts. Get some of the best deals when it comes to taste good food. If you want to experience its bumping glory, then visit on the weekdays when the business people, locals and students battle it out over stir fry. Keep in mind that prices usually vary depending on time and day.

Red Ruby Rouge

Red Ruby Rouge is located in the Montreal Chinatown. The restaurant focuses in authentic Cantonese food, Dim Sum, Chinese hot pots and spicy Szechwan. Using the real Cantonese methods of cooking in braising, baking, steaming, deep frying, stir frying, pan frying, barbecuing and roasting, the cuisine of the Red Ruby Rouge is served succulent, exotic and fresh.

Cooking techniques combined with the mixture of the Szechwan spices like onion, garlic, ginger, chili and peppercorns creates a tantalizing and fiery culinary experience. Your best fine dining option coupled with modern and up-to-dated facilities and amenities.